27 July, 2008

Walk in Bergen, the summer city

It's summer, the best one in many years. And we are enjoying it in every way possible.

To day we went for a walk in the sun, nothing special about that because we try to do that every day. And as usual i brought the camera and took allot of pictures.

First we want to the harbor and as you can see, there was not to many people outside. Strange you may think, but it's just the way it should be in the middle of the summer. People go on vacation and not so many left. More room for us and the tourists :-)

We kept on walking and came to the "#1 Torvallmenningen", it's the cities "living room" there is almost always some entertainment there and to day was no different.
#1 (Torgallmenningen is a wide and open ally, going trough the city and was made after one of the big city fires to protect the city against new fires)

As i told you earlier, not to many people in the city and one more reason could be that everything is closed on Sundays.

But this guy was working in the sun.

He just came from Oslo, where he had been for a while and doing his show. He was so amazed over the fact that every thing is closed on Sundays in Norway.

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