04 July, 2008

Summer in Byrkjelo

Just for showing of.. The weather is perfect and we went for a walk :-)
This picture is showing Byrkjelo It's a nice little place in Sogn & Fjordane in western Norway. If you press the link "Byrkjelo" you will find information about the place if you go to "ACTIVITIES"

You know you are at the country-side, when you find these kind of street sign. And no, it's not a public street sign. (For the one who don't know, John Deere is a Tractor brand)

And at the end a tree, maybe just a tree but a nice and old one. If it could talk i guess it would have allot to tell..

Now we are at the end for to day, we are leaving on Sunday and i will try to write a post before we leave (maybe two)
If you want to read some Norwegian news in English, press this link
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