24 May, 2010

Playing with Pinhole in Bergen

Last night i was reading some article about pinhole camera and i decided to give it a try. 
I collected what i needed and start working, i used a body cap from my Olympus, some thick tin foil, tape, drill and a needle. As you may understand i didn't build a pinhole camera i just made some modification to the body cap.
It was a lot of fun but also time consuming, both making it and taking the pictures too :-)

After spending a lot of time and a lot of tin foil, i finally manage to make a small enough hole in the tinfoil and the pictures start getting better...
shutter 8" - ISO 100

shutter 6" - ISO 100

shutter 8" - ISO 100

I found the information at this page, take a look and give it a try you too..

At the end.
Norwegian news in English
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