19 April, 2009

Bergen pictures, hiking the mount Fløyen

Today we went for a long walk. We started by taking the Fløibanen up to mount Fløyen,  one of the 7 mountains surrounding Bergen. After taking allot of pictures we walked down and on the way we stopped for even more pictures....

Our home is down there some where.
And my workplace is down there :-)
This is the note for the Bergen song, i think..
A little panorama picture of bergen
As i say earlier, we used the Fløibanen up to the top, Fløibanen is a funicular who is taking tourists an the ones who is living in the hill side up and down. This wheel was change some years ago and was the main wheel for running the funicular.
We are now allmoust down in city again, and on the way there is a old firestation (Skansen Brannstasjon) overlooking the city.


Thise one i taken only for Richard, who has a thing about Vikings.

At the end.

Norwegian news in English

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