12 January, 2008

Saturday in the city

We are now 13 days in to the new year, and life starts getting back to normal. We can now feel some movement and kicking in mom's belly, it's so exciting and fun :-)

The sun turned in December and the days start getting a little longer every day. It's nice to know we are heading towards sumer.

This day we spent in city, we took a walk and did some window shopping. As usual i brought the camera an we took some pictures.

The only one who was any fun is this one. This area used to be a ship yard, but for some years ago it was rebuild to offices and light industry one of the big buildings also become a exhibition hall called Arenum
But back to the picture, this crane was in use for the ship building. Today after allot of work it's changed to an office and meeting room, there is also an glass workshop and a restaurant in the first floor....
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