07 August, 2007

Is it something wrong wrong with us, or is the world going crazy ??

Why i ask ?

A woman we know, some days ago got a phone call from a prior neighbor , they head not seen or spoked with each for about one year.

Our friend was not home, but on vacation at the time.

This prior neighbor could tell, that she head put here 11year old son on the bus and he was on the way to visit our friend.
This was a bus trip that lasts for 6-7hours, and in it's selves no matter of a problem , if she only warned and make sure our friend was home.

She told this prior neighbor that you can't just send a little kid on the bus like this.
Ok she say but you comes home within a couple of days , and then she say I can call your landlord and he can stay there until you come home.

Our friend is now on her way home, and there waits a little boy who she really don't know and who don't know here.

So I'm just going too ask again, is it something wrong with us who would newer consider to do something like this, or has she lost here mind.

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