24 June, 2007

Back from the day trip.

We head a nice day at our friends summerhouse, we went for a trip with the boat.

12:00 they picked us up and we are on the way.

We are there, it is bigger then it looks.

And again, a beautiful view. we even saw a eagle, chase some seagulls.

Here we vent for ice and cafè, on a nearby restaurant. It used to be a trade place in the old days.

Now it's only tourists and local people using it.

We left for home around 17:00 and on the way home there head been an "head to head" accident on a bridge.

The traffic where stoped for 3 hours, it was a serius accident with 8 people involved, allso some kids.

We hope they all is going to be alright.....

the pictures comes from http://www.dagbladet.no/nyheter/2007/06/24/504394.html

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